We help families build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.

What is the housing program?

Habitat for Humanity of North Idaho is the local Habitat Affiliate serving low-income residents of Kootenai County. We build new construction housing using volunteer labor and other community support in order to provide affordable housing opportunities.

What kind of housing do we build?

As the cost of land and building materials has increased in Kootenai County, it’s been necessary for us to find more ways to keep the final cost per housing unit from rising. We are now building condo-style housing in order to prevent the cost per housing unit from increasing any more than it has to. Condos provide homeownership opportunities but require common areas outside each unit to be shared by all owners in a condo development.

What do I have to do to get housing from Habitat?

The housing program requires Sweat Equity from every adult in your family, but your kids can help too. Each adult will volunteer at the build sites, take financial education, attend first-time homeowner education classes or webinars, and other volunteer activities totaling 250 hours. You must be able to qualify for a mortgage to buy your home from Habitat, so you must demonstrate reasonable work and credit history.

Who qualifies for the new construction housing program?

You can use the following chart to find the minimum and maximum income requirements for the program based on your family size. We prioritize families below 60% of Area Median Income, but if there are enough opportunities families up to 80% of Area Median Income may be approved. (Revised May 2022)


Family Size
Lower Limit
Lower Limit
Priority Limit
Priority Limit

30% Annual
30% Monthly
60% Annual
60% Monthly
80% Annual
80% Monthly